Cast Your Vote for GW Engineering in the 2024 STAT Madness Tournament!

February 29, 2024

Professor Luyao Lu

Congratulations to Luyao Lu, an assistant professor of biomedical engineering, for being selected for the 2024 national STAT Madness competition for the dissolvable heart monitor he developed in collaboration with Northwestern University! The annual, bracket-style competition, which is run by the health and medicine news site STAT, is an online tournament to select the top biomedical innovation or discovery from the past year. It is similar in spirit to basketball’s NCAA March Madness and will feature 64 teams from leading research institutions competing against one another for the chance to be crowned the “MVP of health and medicine.”

The first round of voting will open on March 1. New rounds will open weekly as the winners of each match advance to the next bracket. The tournament will end on April 4, when a final victor – the MVP of health and medicine, according to voters – is chosen and announced.

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